I've been living in this empty house
With echoes of my doubts for a while now
And the nights grow long
Like a shadow on the wall
And my thoughts drag on
Until I finally hear Your call

Here I am
I'm alive
For the first time I finally realize
You're exactly what I want yeah
You're exactly what I needed
It doesn't matter where we go, babe,
As long as I'm next to you

I understand how everybody feels
The sun shining down
My trembling hand holding the wheel
And the wind it flows
I hear a whisper in my ear
In my heart I know
That this has never been more clear

Can't you see
I've been asleep
Walking around this lonely town
A heart full of hurt
I struggle to breathe
But that was before you came around
Feels like I've been living blind
Now I'm seeing everything for the first time


Told me why

My confidence is shaken
By the words that you just said
I'm feeling tired, you're young and wired
I guess this is giving in

You say not to be tempted
By the bright lights and a song
We're older now, just settle down
The road will never be your home

But if you told me why
Maybe I could understand
How only doing what I love
Makes me a selfish man

Some say that truth is only fiction
Based around the facts
Your head against my shoulder
My hand across your back

But if you told me why
Maybe I could understand
How giving up on what I love
Makes me a better man
We talked it out
And we got nowhere fast
I'll try and try my best to make this last

I'm catching every green light
After just leaving your house
When all I wanna do is slow down



There are times
Under graying clouds
I've thought out loud
How God gave you to me
And nobody else

You should know
When I get the chance
To come home again
Get some rest from the open road
I'll hold you close

'Cause my heart beats for you
And without you only God knows what I'd do

On the phone
I can hear your voice
Over all the noise
Your words echo in my ear
I need you here

And when I wake
The sun shines on you
And all I wanna do
Is lie there and watch you sleep
Snuggled next to me

'Cause my heart beats for you
And without you only God knows what I'd do
'Cause my heart beats, my heart beats
Without you only God knows

There was a moment in my life
I was out of options out of time
Then you stepped in to make everything right


Always is

I used to watch you as you'd sleep
And whisper things to the deepest parts of me
Stories of the man I wished I'd
Be the one you were dreaming of
Before my rambling thoughts would wake you up
How could I ever be enough
Wish you were mine again

I can just see you waiting there
The coffee shop the table where you sat
And prayed to God that I'd never wanna
Leave our nowhere town and drive
The music loud you by my side and now
I'm still here and you finally made it out
On crowded streets I see your face

I remember those summer days
The humid air sweat on your face
And still you had never been so
Beautiful of hope and love for life
We were too wrapped up to even realize
That our days were drawing to an end
But I guess
That's just the way it always is


Be Enough

Fighting sleep almost every day
Bloodshot eyes, wrinkles on my face
Watching the clock tick the time away
Push out a smile but I'm still afraid
You're gone

Your absence haunts me in this empty room
Talking to walls, crying out for You
After a while lies sound like the truth
Sinking deeper than I ever knew

And when I feel alone
And I feel like giving up
I'll surrender all
And let Your love be enough

Never alone my fears follow me
Through every city and down every street
Give me a sign, something I can see
Let me know that You'll never leave